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Global Impact

We Do Work All Around the World

Regency Enterprises Services, LLC is a U.S.-based, SBA(8)a certified, minority-owned, small business. Our management and executive level personnel have experience working in the countries around the world, shown in the list below, providing equipment, consulting services, contract investigation and personal security, HR, administration, and other professional areas of expertise. We have a number of veteran / ex-military executives and directors who understand the intricacies of working with our military clients. In addition, we are used to working in environments that require heightened security and discretion, as well as managing subcontractors, employees and projects in those areas both inside and outside the United States.




Regency International Presence

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We have created quality, capable, and ethically responsible operational alliances to perform international work. Regency maintains an ability to adhere to the strict compliance of all local host nation labor laws and a communicated awareness of Human Rights. Combined with Regency’s culture of solving problems, this allows us to identify, communicate, and resolve issues to minimize the potential of services issues and to prioritize the safety and well-being of personnel and government property while performing international work.

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