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Regency's Environmental Commitment

Green Cleaning Policy

It is our company policy to support our customers in meeting their environmental goals. 
We are able to make the most environmental impact when we: 

  • evaluate and understand our customers’ needs, 

  • provide solutions to help them achieve and exceed their goals, 

  • execute green cleaning practices using cleaning products that are safe for the environment and training staff and crew on green cleaning practices, 

  • use our quality program, training program, and communication practices in support of these policies and practices.


Commitment to Environmental Ethics

At Regency we are committed to environmental ethics, which means:

  • Executives and Management at Regency consider, develop and review our environmental policy.

  • On-Site Staff and Project Managers implement our environmental policy at client sites.

  • We recommend environmentally ethical improvements to help our clients continue to meet and exceed their goals.

  • We seek projects that allow us to exercise our full abilities and vision in the area of environmental consulting.

  • For every project, we seek opportunities to use natural resources sustainably, minimize our impact on the surrounding environment, and prevent pollution of air, land and water.

  • We comply with all environmental laws and regulations and help our clients to do the same.

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